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Maaher Builders & Developers is Serving the nation since 1990. By the grace of Allah, The Almighty, the Group has already 20 completed and fully functional Projects to its credit with an additional 3 projects in the pipeline at various stages of development. Known as the Pioneers and Founders in Apartment Buildings in Lahore, major contributions have been implemented in the close by vicinity of Ferozpur Road and Jail Road, Lahore. Further, Maaher Builders & Developers have announced the Private Housing project at Jati Umrah, Raiwind Road, Lahore with easy installments for Land, Bungalows and Apartments especially for the Lower Middle Class Incomers.

Tazeem Sb

Tazeem Ahmad Kamboh
CEO (Maaher Group)

Chairman's Message

There is a great deficiency of available homes visa vis the home seekers in Pakistan. For a number of years, the added backlog in the housing sector has given ample reason for concern both to the public as well as the private sector developers. Maaher Builders & Developers  was founded in 1990 with a resolve to bridge this widening gap in the housing industry by way of providing affordable accommodation on easy installments trying to fulfill the demands and needs of the people with a special focus on the lower-middle class. By the grace of Allah, the All Mighty, the group has 20 completed and fully functional developments to its credit with an additional 3 Projects at various stages of development in the pipe line. During the past decades, our resolve of providing economic and affordable homes to our buyers have become stronger, if any thing, and it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to state that here at Maaher Group we take every new Project as a challenge with missionary zeal.